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Diamond Envy Announces 50% Off Sale for Purple and Grey Diamonds

NEW YORK – DiamondEnvy, one of the world’s leading online retailers of colored diamonds, announced today that it will be holding a 50% Off Sale on purple and grey diamonds from today through December 31, 2015.  All diamonds are conflict-free and certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the respected diamond and gemstone research institute. The diamonds come with a GIA grading report.  Many of the purple and grey diamonds available during the sale are suitable for engagement rings and holiday gifts. Click here to see the grey diamonds.

“This sale is a great opportunity to get the colored diamond of your dreams at an amazing price,” said Emily Duke of Diamond Envy. “You can find a color that fits your personal sense of style.”

Colored diamonds occur naturally, but are not commonly sold in retail stores. Diamond Envy has built a business by discovering and presenting the most stunning colored diamonds to retail customers at wholesale prices.  They carry diamonds that are yellow, pink, champagne, blue, orange, green, black, grey and purple.  Most of the diamond sizes offered by Diamond Envy are ideal for setting as a center stone in a customized ring or pendant.  “And, if you don’t want a ring or pendant, these purpose and grey diamonds will make incredible, one-of-a-kind diamond accents,” Duke added. Click here to see the purple diamonds.

Diamond Envy is a new concept in diamond e-commerce. It’s a curated source of the best certified fancy color diamonds and jewelry at wholesale prices.  Diamond Envy, which launched in 2013, was formed by a diamond wholesaler that has been active in New York’s famed Diamond District for 15 years. The company sources rough diamonds from ethical, conflict-free suppliers and then cuts and polishes them into their finished state before selling them to the wholesale market.

For more information, visit http://www.diamondenvy.com

Media Contact
Company Name: DiamondEnvy
Contact Person: Emily Duke
Email: support@diamondenvy.com
Phone: (888) 983-9588
Address:590 Fifth Avenue, 15th Floor
City: New York
State: NY
Country: United States
Website: http://www.diamondenvy.com

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Jewelry Designing – Few Tips To Novice Designers

Jewelry designing and making is one of the most loved art across the world! It requires patience, innovative ideas and the most important factor – Interest. If any person is interested in making jewelry, then there is an automatic flow of all the required attributes to pursue this interest, thus becoming a hobby of an individual. It is always advised to give a professional touch especially to any hobby. With basic knowledge and proper training the hobby of Jewelry Designing can be elevated to the commercial level and become a source of income.
Before designing any artistic jewelry, following are some the basic tips to be considered before the commencement of the actual design work –

28956-Stunning-Jewelry-Design1] Curiosity – This is one such personal attribute which leads us to develop the required interest in any work. If you are curious in jewelry designing, then automatically you will develop an interest. And if you are interested in the same, it is surely your hobby prompting you to chase till you become the master of jewelry designing.
2] Decide In Advance –

i) The Type Of Jewelry – The type-list of the jewelry can go from head to feet. There are different types of designs, which are available – hair ornaments, neck, arms, hands, body, legs and feet. Also there are Special Occasion and Festival Jewelry seasons, which always create very high demand for the jewelry items.
ii) The Material To Be Used – The range of material to be used in designing is very wide viz. metal, leather, glass, clay and bead stitching. Or to begin with, you want to try simple knitting and quilting!
It is advised to commence in one particular type, rather than trying all the types at once.

3] Quality Tools – There are special tools that are available in the market exclusively designed for jewelry 10803001953_806b3a37dd_bmaking. Understand the function of each and every tool before hand. Some of the basic tools like – jaw pliers, nose pliers, wire cutters, wire twisters, spiral makers – are very easy to handle if properly studied. Purchasing the good quality tools will be considered as the long-term investment in pursuing this hobby.

4] Purchasing The Required Material In Bulk – It is always advisable to purchase the desired material from any distributor or directly from the company website. The main advantage in doing this is it reduces the cost of purchase and quality of the material is 100% assured.

5] Devotion & Commitment – These are the two attributes that are required to master this hobby. Not only it is required with respect the mind but also with respect to the work place as well. Spacious and exclusive working place will always give the best of the jewelry designs thus giving the quality output!
The above mentioned points are very basic, but highly important points to be considered by any novice, before chasing this divine art of jewelry designing and making!

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Gemstone Jewelry: Enticing and Meticulously Crafted

There are many people who always wish to buy some jewelry or the other especially when we talk about women. Some women have their own tastes and choice. You could be among one of those women who fancy is fond of gemstone jewelry. In case you do happen to be a fan of gemstone jewelry, the www is the best source for you to find the best Stunning gemstone jewelry. You may be looking to purchase jewelry that is made of rubies to match worth a gorgeous red dress but you cannot seem to find any at the local jewelry stores. What are you to do at such a time? How can you get about finding those beautiful ruby earrings

You may be looking to purchase jewelry that is made of rubies to match worth a gorgeous red dress but you cannot seem to find any at the local jewelry stores. What are you to do at such a time? How can you get about finding those beautiful ruby earrings? The answer is most definitely the www. Several people have managed to find the perfect Stunning jewelry over the World Wide Web. You can find everything & all models on the Internet irrespective for what you are looking for whether it is bangles, bracelets, necklaces & so forth.


There are only a few websites on the Internet where you can find stunning jewelry. It does not matter what you are looking for, as you are simply bound to find it. You can do all your jewelry shopping as well as your gemstone shopping in this manner and everything would be made available to you at just the click of a button. The Web can offer you more than you know. No matter what you are looking for, at any point of time, you can find it. There have been some people that have even managed to sell their own gemstone jewelry over the World Wide Web. You will be able to find a number of advantages to shopping online jewelry.

To conclude with, you would be able to find a number of sales and discounts on some items including gemstone jewelry and other things as well. When we compare the prices of gemstone jewelry available on the Internet to the rates of the jewelry stores, we can see that jewelry over the World Web is so much more resourceful and inexpensive. Offers that you find over the World Web, you can find nowhere else. So, it is important you make the most of the World Wide Web as you can find the best Gemstone Jewelry in this way.

canary yellow diamond ring cost
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Why buy your karat diamond ring from Diamond Envy?

Diamond Envy is a place where you can buy the best quality of karat colored diamond ring when you need a good quality from the market. When you are planning for the best, you should always be sure that you would get quality whenever you are looking deals online. Since they started selling these diamond rings, many customers have been visiting them whenever they are looking for that quality you would need from the market.

canary yellow diamond ring cost

Why buy your karat diamond ring from Diamond Envy?

Diamond Envy have all kinds of diamond rings that you can choose when looking for the best quality that you would need when buying. This will also enable you to make that informed choice whenever you are acquiring the deals you would need when planning to make an informed choice from the whole of the market. This makes them among those places where you can get when buying online.

The company sell their diamonds at the best price when compared to what you can ever get whenever you need when buying. This means you will always save huge amounts of sums when buying the diamonds from Diamond Envy especially when you need the best quality. The number of people buying from the company has been growing steadily over the last couple of years when making that perfect choice from the whole of the market.

When you buy from them, they will offer you a return policy of 60-day that is hassle-free, a lifetime warranty, a 100 percent money back guarantee, free shipping, free returns and GIA certified when making your choice. This definitely makes them among the options that you would need when buying from the whole of the market.

In conclusion, the information will enable you understand the benefits that comes with buying your karat diamond ring from Diamond Envy when you need the best deals in the whole of the market.





About a third of all diamonds will glow under ultraviolet light

About a third of all diamonds will glow under ultraviolet light, usually a blue color which may be noticeable under a black light or strong sunlight. According to the GIA, who reviewed a random sample of 26,010 natural diamonds, 65% of the diamonds in the sample had no fluorescence. Of the 35% that did have fluorescence, 97% had blue fluorescence of which 38% had faint blue fluorescence and 62% had fluorescence that ranged from medium to very strong blue.

Other colors diamonds can fluoresce are green, yellow, and red but are very rare and are sometimes a combination of the colors such as blue-green or orange. Some diamonds with “very strong” fluorescence can have a “milky” or “oily” look to them, but they are also very rare and are termed “overblues.


Significantly affects of a diamond’s beauty

Cleanliness significantly affects a diamond’s beauty. A clean diamond is more brilliant and fiery than the same diamond when it is “dirty”. Dirt or grease on the top of a diamond reduces its luster. Water, dirt, or grease on the bottom of a diamond interferes with the diamond’s brilliance and fire. Even a thin film absorbs some light that could have been reflected to the viewer. Colored dye or smudges can affect the perceived color of a diamond. Historically, some jewelers’ stones were misgraded because of smudges on the girdle, or dye on the culet. Current practice is to clean a diamond thoroughly before grading its color.